School Streets

What is a School Street?

A School Street is where a road (or section of road) with a school temporarily closes to non-essential motor vehicles to become a pedestrian and cycle friendly zone during drop-off and pick-up times.

These have already been trialled successfully in many schools across the UK, including several schools in Southampton and two primary schools in Portsmouth. Of the six Southampton schools involved in the trials, five have decided to make their school streets permanent; and both Portsmouth schools expressed the wish for permanent solutions.

School Streets are supported by the vast majority of parents, school staff and pupils!

How School Streets Works

School Streets become pedestrian and cycle-only zones for up to 1 hour at school start and finish times (except weekends and holidays). During these times the road – or section of the road – is closed to motor vehicles, primarily by using signage.

School staff / trained stewards are available throughout the closure to allow access for emergency vehicles and other exemptions.

Residents are allowed to come and go during the closures but are encouraged to avoid it. If necessary, those who live directly on a School Street may be guided to their home at walking pace.