Vision for Learning

The commitment of the school is to provide equal opportunities for all pupils through the whole curriculum.

Many of the subjects taught are covered through a topic-based creative curriculum which is a lively and effective way for children to learn. Greater emphasis is placed on the core subjects – Reading, Literacy work, Mathematics, Science, I.T. PSHE and R.E. The curriculum also includes work on the creative arts – Music, Design & Technology and P.E. to give an all round education. History and Geography are also included in the topics to add variety and interest which is a stimulating way for children to learn.

Topics are planned for each year group taking full account of national curriculum requirements. French is also taught informally to provide children with opportunities to experience another language and culture. Children are given plenty of opportunity to observe, record and evaluate at first hand.


Curriculum Overview

The curriculum focuses on creative development, giving children the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills. English and Maths are integrated across the curriculum as well as being taught in their own right. Pupils are given tasks that are motivating and ability matched with the emphasis on learning independence.

Flexibility is now allowed within the curriculum so each year group has worked hard to update and approach the teaching of topics in a fresh way, which includes greater use of the local environment. 

Core SubjectsFoundation Subjects
MathematicsDesign Technology 
Information TechnologyHistory
Religious EducationMusic
 Physical Education

However, there are also national requirements and programmes of study for all the core and foundation subjects. These are what the children should be expected to know and be able to do at the age of 7. Children will be assessed for some of these subjects at this age to identify whether they have reached age related expectations. The teacher assessment of the Year 2 children (6-7 year olds) takes place during the summer term (usually May). The assessment of the Year 2 (6-7 year old children) at the school during the summer term 2021 was not undertaken due to the COVID-19 lockdown

The M3

M3 Context:

  • Our schools comprise of 2 Infant Schools and 1 Junior School with a combined pupil number of approx. 685 children
  • Our schools are split site and work in collaboration with each other as one organisation
  • Our schools are situated in Portsmouth in the South East region in Hampshire

We serve a community:

  • Where Pupil Premium is generally in line with the National Average
  • Where we have high levels of parent engagement
  • Children come into our school with strong starting points

We work collaboratively to ensure our curriculum and classroom learning is effective in providing opportunities for our children to learn long-term knowledge and skills that challenge them as they grow as young people. Our subject curriculum pages reflect this by including our joint learning statements which illustrates the progressive learning from our school and children who join our Meon Junior School.